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SMART Boards 

SMART Boards offer unparalleled interactivity and connectivity. In addition to the ability to engage and motivate any audience, they can be used in unlimited applications.

Projector rentals, computer projector rental, rental, computer, overhead, lcd, video, dvd, rent, tv, multimedia, movie, display, sony, projector, panel, ppt, powerpointLooking for LCD projector rentals? It may seem a daunting task to you, but to Cine Audio Visual, finding the right equipment is second nature. That’s because we know what questions to ask...

  • What is your application?
  • What size is your audience-and your room?
  • Do you need a portable screen?
  • Are you displaying a graphics-only PowerPoint presentation or a multimedia video that features sound?

A few answers, and we’ll design a solution that will help you display your best image-and make your projector rental experience easy and hassle-free.

Computer Projector Rental – Get Your Point Across Clearly and Concisely

With your software and computer, projector rental from Cine can turn your corporate training video or sales presentation into a crisp, clear marketing tool-as big as you want it. We know you’ll be impressed with our NEC and Sanyo models. We are!

Our rental inventory also includes a diverse selection of screens and audio equipment to suit your needs. We carry various sizes of tripod, floor and double truss screens, speakers and accessories. With over 50 years of industry experience, we are your trusted source for projector rentals, event staging, equipment sales-everything related to audio and video. Contact us today for more information.